The Lose of Unconditional Love

I haven’t seen my cat, Miss Cookie in two days. 

She is an indoor cat, but we let her out from time to time because she loves the outdoors. Wednesday morning my husband let Cookie go out with our Yorkie, Lilly for her morning relief. Lilly returned immediately. Cookie has still not returned.

We have searched everywhere. We have posted online in hope someone has seen her. We have prayed, begging and pleading for her return.

Today is Friday and though I have great faith, I am old enough and have been through enough to know life is hard. 

I had been busy all morning, but when I came in this afternoon and my sweet, beautiful friend was not here to greet me. Grief overcame me and the tears of anger and hurt began to flow.

NO, life is not fair.

NO, everything doesn’t always work out—but my faith is still strong.

I don’t believe in God based on circumstances.

I believe in God because I know HE IS FAITHFUL!!

Sally & George

His stiff lower lip and judgmental look of prideful indignation were familiar to her. Sally had seen it enough times to know George would not give an inch.  Once he had summed up his judgement upon someone or something, he was immovable.  He was unfazed by facts or emotions, his opinion was all that mattered. No one was smarter or wiser than him. No one!

Years of living under his controlling ways had not been easy, but it was comfortable to her; it was what she had grown up with-a controlling angry, emotionless mother. She had married her mother. George was like her mother controlling, unloving, hardworking, dependable and harsh. 

How can any young girl make healthy, wise decisions based on a life that has been filled with such twisted reality? She couldn’t and she didn’t. And so began the twisted tale of her life.

Keep reading to find out how God moves in this situation.