For those of you who are feeling down because your Valentines Day did not consist of huge bouquets of flowers, sparkling jewelry or creative romantic gestures. Stop! Stop feeling down and unloved. You are loved. People show love in different ways!

I remember when I was in my late 30’s my husband and I were in a young married adult Sunday school class. In this class of course we studied marriage. There would be Sundays I would come home so depressed. I was so convinced my husband couldn’t possibly love me. He never ran a bubble bath for me like one woman said her husband did. He never had dinner cooked when I came home from work like others said their husbands did. I was so upset and made myself so unhappy and my husband miserable. It wasn’t until I read the book, “The 5 Love Languages” that I realized my husband did truly love me. He just showed his love in a different way.

Today, for example, we didn’t do anything romantic or special to celebrate Valentines Day. But this afternoon, my aunt who is in her late 70’s called and needed help with a plumbing issue at her house. He got up and went over and helped her right away. He does this often for her, for my mother and for our own home. He may not be a creative gift giver, but he is a gifted worker who takes care of me and my family.

I hope you will realize the gifts and talents the one you love is sharing with you every day and will be thankful you have them in your life.

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