I can still imagine in my mind my earliest memory of shame. 

Momma came to pick me and my brother DeWayne up from our grandma after school. A picture of me and my younger cousin Laurie fell out of my spelling folder. I had written my name and the name Suzie on the back of the picture. DeWayne told our Momma I had been telling everyone at school, Suzie was my baby sister.

My momma got on me but good! She kept asking me over and over again, why? Why did you do this?

The truth was I had no idea.

Looking back I realize, I simply made up a story. Even back then I had already started looking for creative ways to be “special” or to draw attention to myself. I knew lying was wrong. I went to Sunday School. I knew every one of the ten commandments by heart, but I lied anyway.

Then, the cloak of shame hung heavy across my shoulders. I was guilty as charged. I confessed my sin and repented. I wish I could tell you I haven’t lied since………… But, to be honest, I still struggle with wanting to be a bit too out there sometimes.

Shame can bring repentance, but it isn’t meant to keep us from living in freedom and growing with excitement and joy in our life. Shame should not be worn by anyone. Not you, not me. Friend, if you are still wearing the cloak of shame do whatever it takes to let Jesus remove it from your back.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

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