You get things running well. You start feeling good about your life and then BAM you get hit right upside the head with a brick — it happens EVERYTIME!

No permanent calm EVER! Remember this if nothing else–everything is temporary!!

In 2019 two of my daughters decided they would no longer speak to me or let me see my grandchildren anymore. For over a year they refused any communication with me whatsoever. Finally, in August of 2020 when I was hospitalized with Covid 19 for two weeks they decided it was time to put away their differences and speak to me again. Things have been going pretty good since. This past weekend my daughters came to visit me for my 61st birthday and I finally got to see my grandchildren. Happy, beyond happy! Praising God! Oh yes! Thankful for all He had done to make it possible. 

I know this may sound trivial to some but, my world has just been shattered. My heart has been broken into once again. My cat, Cookie who I love. She loves me unconditionally. When no one else loves me besides God. Cookie always loves me and shows me great love. She has been a great source of comfort and love to me during the past year when I needed comfort the most. 

Today the weather in Georgia was gorgeous. My husband and I went to the front porch to enjoy it. Cookie joined us as usual with our Yorkie, Lilly. Normally, Cookie comes right back inside when we call her but, for some reason today she didn’t. We haven’t been able to find her since 5:30pm and it is now 9:38pm. Cookie has never, ever been out this long. My heart is beyond worried and frantic.

I know she is to some  “just a cat” but not to me. We rescued her when she weighed only one pound and 6 ounces. She had a fever of 105 degrees. She broke her leg and we nursed her through many cast changes. She loves us and we love her. She is my night-time sleeping partner, my nose kisser, my cuddle buddy, my companion. I thank God for her. When I was at my lowest she was a healing balm to my life.

Dear God, I pray please protect and send this precious gift back to me,

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