Jude wrote to motivate Christians to defend and protect their faith. He was writing against false teachers who were saying Christians could do as they pleased without fear of God’s punishment. Jude warns against turning away from a faithful commitment to Christ.

  1. There are destructive consequences to sin.
  2. God is Holy.
  3. Jude gives three examples of rebellion:
  • The nation of Israel refused to trust God and enter the Promised land(Numbers 14:26-39).
  • Angels who gave into pride, joined Satan and rebelled against God (2 Peter 2:4).
  • The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah- the people living within were so full of sin God wiped them off the face of the earth (Genesis 19:1-29).
  1. Jude gives three examples of men who did whatever they wanted:
  • Cain, who murdered his brother out of jealousy (Genesis 4:1-16).
  • Balaam, who prophesied out of greed (Numbers 22-24).
  • Korah, who rebelled wanting power for himself (Numbers 16:1-35).
  1. Keep yourself safe by staying in God’s love.
  2. Pray in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Hate sin but love the sinner.
  4. Be careful not to become so much like unbelievers that no one can tell who you are or what you believe.
  5. God can keep us from failing, and He guaranteed that if we will remain faithful, He will bring us into His presence with joy.

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