Which is worse:

An alcoholic or a gossip?

A murderer or an adulterer?

Think about it. Seriously, think about it. Is one sin greater than another?

Acts of kindness are easier to do when we gain recognition and praise. 

Would we keep doing services for others if no one knew what we were doing?

Prayer should be from the heart not shallow repetition.

Prayers should be honest and sincere.

 Fasting should be a private time of self-sacrifice done quietly without drawing attention to yourself or public notification.

We should seek to please God in our giving and in our fulfilling of God’s purpose in everything  we do.

Jesus wants us to live happy and feel blessed with whatever we have because we should choose eternal values over earthly treasures? What does that mean? — We should be more concerned about Godly issues than keeping up with the Jones’.

Which is more important to you material gain and how people see you financially or how God sees the true intent of your soul?

Is it a sin to be rich? NO!! Abraham, David, Solomon all were—-and God used them. How you allow money and possessions to affect your relationship with God is the key. God must always be the true ruler of your heart—not the love of money.


Do you ever worry?

Worry may:

  1. Damage your health.
  2. Disrupt your productivity.
  3. Negatively affect the way you treat others.
  4. Rob your day of joy.

Worry immobilizes you, but concern moves you to action.

Time spent planning for tomorrow is wise, but time spent worrying about tomorrow is 

time wasted.

Have faith in the God who created the moon, the stars, heaven and earth. He is more 

than able to supply all your needs.

“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” Matthew 5: 34

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