Hot o’clock is already here and it’s just the middle of April! 

Georgia weather is awesome during the Fall, Winter and early Spring, but once mid-April strikes the temperatures start going into the high 70’s and low 80’s. From then on until October, hellish hot temperatures have no mercy on post menopausal women like me

By the time I walk from my back door just a few yards to my mom’s house next door,  I am as sweaty as an overweight professional wrestler after three rounds of wrestling! 

The good Lord knows there ain’t no need in me ever fixing my hair. It will be wilted by the time I get out of my car and click the lock button and start walking away.

I have a fan sitting on the side table next to my recliner in the living room, another one sitting on my desk in my office and a big cycling fan in my kitchen. And of course, I have a fan in my bedroom both in the ceiling and one on the floor aimed right at my spot in the bed! These fans are there year round. It can be 30 degrees out and I will still be hot! Isn’t that just sad. 

Both my mom and my aunt are cold all the time. It can be 100 degrees and they still will need a sweater and a blanket. SOOOOOOOO……I am looking forward to growing older and being colder. I can’t wait till I can complain about how cold it is!

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