This is a personal letter from John to Gaius, who was taking care of traveling teachers and missionaries. In this letter, John also addresses Christians who are proud and refuse to serve others. All Christians should walk in love, working together to support God’s work both at home and around the world.

  1. God is concerned about both our body and our soul so that we are at our best for His service.
  2. Hospitality (welcoming others into your home) is a way to show love and support to fellow believers.
  3. It is the responsibility of churches and Christian individuals to support those who are called to full-time ministry.
  4. God’s true preachers do not preach to make money, but to fulfill their calling and express their love for God.
  5. We can support missionaries by praying for them and by giving them our money, hospitality and time.
  6. Sin such as pride, jealousy and slander still exist in churches today. If we ignore it, it will continue to grow.
  7. A true Christian leader is a servant.
  8. Actively look for ways to show support to God’s workers. It may be in the form of a letter of encouragement, a gift, financial support, an open home or prayer.

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