Tomorrow my ED will be 36.

I remember finding out I was pregnant just six months after having her sister.

I was so confused and to be honest depressed. I knew their father was a mess. I knew by now he was not willing or able to take care of a family. I knew without doubt I would be on my own with two babies.

I decided to have an abortion. I thought it would be the financially wise decision. I couldn’t possible support and care for two babies by myself. I only had a high school education.

I called and scheduled the abortion for a Saturday. On the Wednesday before when I got off work I drove by a church I had attended when I was a young girl. I felt really drawn to go inside to the 7pm service. I went in and slipped onto the back row seat.

The pastor whom I had never met was preaching about the love of God, the mercy and goodness of God. That night I literally believed and know I heard God tell me “If you will live for me and trust me, you and your children will never do without.

From that night forward I have lived for God. I did not have an abortion and God provided for me and my children above and beyond financially anything I could have ever imagined.

My ED I have not seen in two years is a gift and a blessing and I have no doubt God will restore this relationship. If you are not a God believer, then skip my post, but if you are a believer then–I have no doubt what God can do!!! Follow to find out what a mighty God HE IS!!!

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